Central-eastern European, blocks-of-flats, working class. Kris was born and raised in the City of a Hundred Spires and a thousand pubs—Prague, Czech Republic. She studied how to paint at Václav Hollar Art School. After which she, as a freelance graphic designer and a ghost-storytelling tourist guide, experimented with making film and never looked back.

In pursuit of the craft Kris discovered the world of filmmaking in New York City and Los Angeles, earning a BFA degree at the New York Film Academy—under direction of Paul Warner, Claude Kerven and Lea Brandenburg among many.

Currently, she is growing in film experience as a freelancer back in her hometown, and preparing her debut feature film. Kris aims to let the audience imagine, scream, laugh, and cry—sometimes all at the same time—to inspire and to enjoy the wonder of cinema.

As a child she was taught to sit and look pretty, told to be quiet and yet she found a way to be out loud and proud; and happy most of all and she will use her voice to represent and provide a safe space for all, but especially those who identify as women.